Our Journey

Back in 2014 Jungle James was very poorly, but through fight, determination and love he re-built himself and made his life long dream a reality.  Having always had a passion for animals and having various different pets throughout the years J&C's Party Pets was born.  It all began when Jungle James and Craig took some of their pets to their local doctors for a charity event raising money for the local hospice - they were approached and people asked do they do other events and from there the rest is history.  What started as a small hobby business has flourished into something amazing and we hope that you help us to continue on this magical and wonderful journey. 

About Us

J&C's Party Pets was born in late 2014 with around 20 animals and since then has continued to grow at a phenomenal pace, now looking after over 300 animals Jungle James and his team work round the clock to ensure that they get the best care that they deserve.  80% of the animals at J&C's Party Pets are rescued animals and now have their forever home. Our day starts early in the morning with our daily animal checks making sure everyone is ok.  Then its breakfast time, followed by the daily clean ensuring that all animals have fresh food, water and a clean bed.  Whilst this happens the office is busy dealing with customers wanting to book our sought after service (we have been told we are very good).  Jungle James may well be preparing some of the animals for an adventure whether it be to a birthday party, school or care home - who knows but Jungle James is excited and the animals are excited, they really do enjoy the interaction they get from the people that they meet.  The day draws to a close, the animals are returned home and then its bed time.  Jungle James and the team are always on stand by should the animals need them.  They are dedicated to ensuring that the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained at all times are are regularly inspected to ensure that they are doing so.  If you are looking to meet animals that are truly loved then look no further and contact us today. 

Meet the Team

At J&C's Party Pets we have a team of over 20 staff helping to ensure that the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained at all times.  We have dedicated animal keepers that ensure that the animals are cleaned, fed and watered - this is only the start as once this is done it is enrichment time and this is where the team get to interact and enjoy the animals whether this is having a cuddle or giving the animals something interesting to do this is a very important part of the day and helps keeps our animals entertained and friendly.  The hive of activity is in our office managed by our Business Office Manager, they are in charge of customer bookings, animal allocations, suppliers and most importantly ensuring that enough animal feed is in stock so our animals are well nourished and fed.  At J&C's Party Pets team work is very important and we constantly talk to each other to ensure that the business runs smoothly and that the animals are happy, healthy and ready to meet our lovely customers.


The Team 2018


Bonnie and Buddy

Jungle James

Company Director

Jungle James is the Director of J&C's Party Pets and an entertainer, he has over 20 years experience in handling and caring for animals.  Having worked in customer service industry for many years he is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best event possible.  Jungle James looks after Business Operations, Finance, Bookings and Communications all whilst ensuring that his animals have everything they need.



Jade Tunstall

Lead Zoo Keeper

Jade joined J&C's Party Pets almost 5 years ago as a student studying her Level 3 course in Animal Management.  Jade began her journey as someone that was very shy and quiet but someone that always showed her love and affection for our animals giving up her own time to ensure that they always have the best of everything.  Jade now plays a vital role within the business and supervises the farm on a daily basis making sure that staff know where they need to be and what their jobs are for the day and ensuring that all of our animals have everything that they need and that they are happy.  Jade is also one of our events co-ordinators and during our busy seasons takes charge of her own events ensuring that they run smoothly.  Jade is not only an asset to the business but a mum to all of our lovely animals that love her dearly.  Look out for Jade at events and say hi and congratulate her on her hard work and dedication to animal care.  Employee of The Year 2017.


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