animal welfare

Animal Welfare Notice

We at J&C Party Pets love to enjoy our animals with both adults & children, with the huge responsibility that comes with having a large selection of pets it's only right for our animals sake that we point out that all isn't as it seems in the short time you meet them.

We are lucky enough to own some of natures most exotic creatures however with this comes huge responsibility. I Jungle James get asked lots about how hard is it to keep certain pets and what is the best type of pet to keep, this is a very difficult question to answer as all animals require care and attention at all times, ultimately its all down to commitment and whether you are willing to dedicate your time into caring for a pet. 

It's easy to look at a Marmoset like Humphrey and think he is really cute I must get one. The requirements that Marmosets have are very complex. Humphrey requires a huge varied diet including fresh fruit, live food, speciality prepared primate food and lots more. Housing can never be big enough. Marmosets require heating & are not suitable to live indoors, to put it bluntly they stink (bless them).

Marmosets live in large groups called troops, these troops are extremely complexed & marmosets are very sociable.

Humphrey has two friends who were both rescued by me, two young girls purchased two Common Marmosets and kept them in a small parrot cage indoors for a year feeding them on parrot mix only. When the girls could see that the health of the female marmoset (now named Madge) was deteriorating they put them up for sale. I came across the advert and from first sight of the poor body condition of Madge I couldn't leave them. The girls clearly thought they were purchasing the sweet fury animal that you see at our shows but in reality marmosets can be aggressive, extremely intelligent and also a massive burden. 

Education, research and dedication are key when deciding on whether to buy a pet. 

The aim of bringing animals like Humphrey to you is to hopefully help you understand that these animals are not pets and if you are considering buying a marmoset then you have already gone wrong because you need more than one.

This notice is for us at J&C's Party Pets to take some responsibility to ensure that we do not promote the keeping of exotic animals. J&C's Party Pets are continually engaging with experienced staff from various zoological and pet care back grounds to get a healthy balance between education, animal welfare, commercial value and common decency. I truly believe that we do get this balance. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding any of our collection then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
Jungle James