6 - Fetes and Fun Days

Spring and Summertime is Fete and Funday Time, and we are guaranteed to be a massive hit with your guests this is also a great package for the larger celebration.

Offering our Petting Zoo Mash Up tailor made exclusively from Fetes and Fun Days your guests will enjoy meeting the following animals:

Meerkats, Corn Snake, Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Leopard Tortoise, Turtle, Bull Frog, Scorpion, Selection of Insects, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chickens and a Parakeet.

For a minimum 4 hour booking the cost is £580 - we can do a shorter amount of time but the price would be unaffected - this is due to the amount of equipment we bring and the set up and set down time.

Additional Hours can be added for £90

A Fuel charge be applied depending on your location.

(10 Miles of fuel is included in prices on the website, after this fuel is charge at £0.70p per mile - E.G if you are 30 miles away then your fuel charge would be £28.00). 

Please note that animals may change to those listed above but we will always ensure that you have a nice varied selection for your event.

Please note that if you are charging guests to enter the zoo it is your responsibility to put your own system in place.