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Welcome to Our Socially Distanced Animal Experience

With the changing times and the current COVID-19 Pandemic we have had to re-invent our business so that as a company we can still share our wonderful animals with our customers whilst maintaining social distancing. 

Please note that this package is only available for members of the same household - this is in line with the current UK Government Guidelines. 

We can provide you with a safety video on request that will explain and demonstrate how we will set up your event and how we will ensure that social distancing is maintained throughout, so that we can ensure the safety of our staff customers and animals.

Duration 60 Minutes

Price £90

Plus any Potential Mileage Charge -

You get 10 miles included within the price and after that mileage is charged at 0.70p per mile.  E.G. if you are 20 miles away the total cost would be £104

How The Package Works?

Choose 1 of Our Exotic Animals from The List Below:

Giant Tortoise, Skunk, Raccoon (Presented by the host from a safe distance), Meerkats, Macaws (Presented by the host from a safe distance), Argentine Tegu, Red Tailed Boa (Large Snake) or Goats

The following exotic choices incur an additional charge of £50 if chosen:

Alpacas, Shetland Pony or Sheep

Choose 5 of our Standard Animals

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Fancy Mice, Gerbils, Chickens, Ducks, Turtle, Frog, Bearded Dragon, Water Dragon, Gecko, Tarantula or Snake (Presented by host from a safe distance.

If you need help with your animal choices then please call us, we can help you chose great animals that you and your family will enjoy.

How Does a Socially Distanced Animal Experience Work?

The most important thing to know and understand when booking this event is that under no circumstances can animals be handled or touched - although there is no evidence that animals carry COVID-19 the virus can live on their bodies so because of this and to safeguard our staff, customers and animals we are restricting this level of interaction at this time.

So What Will Happen At The Event?

Jungle James will set up the event in your garden whilst you are safely indoors, this is very important so that whilst Jungle James is moving around your garden he can ensure that he can work safely whilst maintaining social distancing.

Once set up, this is when the experience begins, Jungle James will call you the customer to let you know he is ready and invite you into the garden.  The first thing he needs to do is give a very important safety briefing so it is vital that you control your family whilst this is carried out.

Then Jungle James will share his knowledge about each animal, you will get the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and most importantly the people at the event will be able to assist Jungle James with feeding some of the animals - this will all be set up ready and will be at a safe distance away from Jungle James - This is the interactive element of the event and helps people stay engaged.

You can also use this experience to hone your drawing or photography skills and most importantly just enjoy having these amazing animals in your back garden.

How Will You Stay Safe?

Your safety is paramount to us and this is why during Jungle James' set up he will sanitise and clean all of his equipment before you come out, there will be a table set up displaying safety signage and Jungle James will make sure that hand sanitiser and wipes are available throughout the event.  Please note that you are responsible for the people at the event and you must ensure that they adhere to Jungle James' instructions at all times.

If you still have concerns - Then please get in touch

If you are happy to book then please call us to confirm our availability and then you can complete our online booking form, we will let you know how to do this or we can get this completed with you over the phone - either straight away or arrange a time to call you back.

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